Curse of Strahd 2017

Orașnou, continued...

  Completed sweeping the old mansion.  rescued Boris and the little girl, and killed off most (all?) of the "inhabitants."

CoS Village of Barovia
Orașnou: A Sleepy Mountain Village…

Wherein the party must locate spell casting services and are directed from Barovia to Orasnou…

CoS Deathhouse
Another bites the dust

The party descended into the Village of Barovia in the early evening, only to greated by two strangely dressed children, Rose and Thorn.  The children explained that there was a monster in the basement of the house.  After questioning them, the party determined that their parents exhibited poor supervision, and that a visit from DCF was necessary.  Find the town otherwise quite and still, the party deputized themselves and DCF representatives and proceeded to follow the children home.  

The exploration of the creepy house yielded one clear insight – the parent of Rose and Thorn were negligent parents, and a horrific scientific discover of a monster in the basement.  Indeed there was a monster in the basement, summoned by a cult of worshippers of Stradh.  Their shades demanded a sacrifice – One Must Die.  Ultimately, one did to Lorghoth the Decayer.  The party made a mad scramble to escape the wrath of the house, dragging poor Otis's body.  

As dawn rises in the Village of Barovia - our heroes must find someone to restore life to Brother Otis.  Unfortunately, this new land is not somewhere one can Rest In Peace.  

Those with an interest in the arcane arts discovered what happens when Dark Power's cross a Shambling Mound with a Roper.  You get a Shambling Roper with a taste for Otis.

CoS Suits of the Mist Part 2
Welcome to the Demiplane of Dread

The party has received needed assistance from two new members.  Unfortunately, after rescuing the missing Gur they left the Crossing Inn and became lost is the mists.  When the mists finally cleared, the were in a very different place, with a sign post pointing them in the direction of the Village of Barovia.

The mists have come to take us all
Into a place of great darkness.
Evil lurks within;
An evil that only those of conviction
Have hope of destroying.

CoS Suits of the Mist Part 1

Otis was cleaved from stem to root by bad ass Orc wielding a Greataxe, named Narhbub.  The remaining party members swiftly dispatched the orc and returned his body to the Crossing Inn where members of his faction kindly restored his body and soul.


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